Adlam is a casting resin used for making laminated safety glass. It is used for making safety glass, bullet proof glass, sound proof glass, designer & colored glass.

Adlam is brought to you by Morex Industries Pvt. Ltd., a company that believes in adding value through constant innovation and extensive R&D. Morex continuously strives towards development of new and existing ideas in the composite industry.

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ADLAM is manufactured by Morex Industries Pvt. Ltd. Morex manufactures speciality resins for a wide range of applications... More...

Benefits of Laminated Safety Glass

It lowers the risk of Injury due to splintering and resists bullet penetration. Glass retains... More...

Consultation and Training

ADLAM provides training for making laminated safety glass using cold cure process... More...


Step 1 : The glass sheets to be laminated should be clean and free of dust particles. Step 2..step 3... More...

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